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Waste Water Collection, Treatment & Compost Facilities

Manager - John Merchant

Compost Is Available

The City of Port Townsend Compost Facility will have compost available to be picked up at the compost facility site beginning Monday, June 6, 2016. Compost sales will be sold on a first-come, first served basis, until sold out. Our days and hours of operation are Monday, Wednesday and Friday between the hours of 12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m. The cost for the compost is $12.00 per cubic yard. If you purchase 10 or more cubic yards at one time the cost is $9.00 per cu. yd. Please bring exact change. If you have any questions please call 385-7908 or 385-3193.

Collection System
Monroe St. Lift Station The city of Port Townsend was founded in 1851, platted in 1852, and incorporated in 1891. It was known as a seafaring community with a safe harbor for commercial commerce. The first sanitary sewer lines were installed in 1906, made of vitrified clay, and had inspection lamp wells. In 1908 the Empire State Surety Company of New York supplied a bond of $5,000 for the construction of a sewer system. The American Bonding Company of Baltimore provided another $21,000, in 1909, for additional sewer system construction. City Ordinance #753 was passed in 1910, eliminating "privy vaults" and requiring connection to sewer mains, where accessible. Today there are 3,992 service connections to 76 miles of city owned sewer lines; made of reinforced concrete, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and vitrified clay. More Info...

Aerial View Treatment Plant
The wastewater treatment facility was upgraded in 1993 and is located in the North Beach neighborhood of Port Townsend. It borders environmentally sensitive areas of Fort Worden State Park and Chinese Garden Lagoon. The facility is designed for a population of 12,000 and currently serves approximately 9,000 residential and commercial users. Customers contribute waste water flows for treatment averaging 950,000 gallons per day. More Info...

Compost Compost System
The city of Port Townsend's compost facility is located on leased land from Jefferson County at 603 County Landfill Road. The facility went on line in 1993 after upgrading Port Townsend's waste water treatment facility. Finished product from the compost facility conforms to or exceeds all standards of 40 CFR Part 503, WAC 173-350-220 and WAC 173-308 as a Class "A" compost. It contains nitrogen and phosphorus-essential nutrients for healthy plant growth. More Info...