Welcome to the City of Port Townsend


The City has partnered with the Washington State Department of Revenue (DOR) to provide business registration services for the City. Applicants can apply for a City business license when they register with the State for a Unified Business Identification Number (“UBI” or also referred to as a state license).

Click on the links below to search, renew, apply for a State license or add a Port Townsend Business License:

  • Search for a business license.
  • Renew your business license.
  • Apply for a WASHINGTON STATE BUSINESS LICENSE. You will be redirected to the DOR’s new online Business Licensing Service called MY DOR. In order to access the system, you will be required to Log on or create a user ID to proceed with the application process. If you are doing business within the Port Townsend city limits, you can add the city license when applying for the state license.
  • Add a PORT TOWNSEND BUSINESS LICENSE (you must already have an active Washington State Business License in order to proceed with the application). After selecting ADD, you will be redirected to the State Business License Service (BLS).
    1. On the BLS page, select the section option Add a license to your existing business.
    2. On the next screen, select City or County License.
    3. On the next screen, under Participating Cities, scroll down and select Port Townsend.
    4. On the next screen, scroll down to How to apply. For the quickest method of filing, start with 1. Login using your Secure Access Washington (SAW) user ID and follow the instructions.
  • Having problems with BLS or MY DOR? Call 800-451-7985 for assistance.

To facilitate the application process for the City, please use these guidelines when answering questions about your business.

  • Physical Address is the actual location of your business. Do not use your home address unless you are conducting business from your home. The mailing address will be the location where all correspondence related to your business is received.
  • Number of Employees refers to employees only. If you are a business owner, do not count yourself as an employee.
  • Square Footage is the amount of square footage for the business only. If your business is within your home, only count the space (such as an office) that is used for your business.
  • Customers Visisting Business Premises, Per Week -- if you marked "yes" to customers coming to your home, please provide the average number of customers visiting your home per week.

To read more information on doing business in Jefferson County or Washington State, please click on a link provided below.