Staff Phone and Email Directory

Administration     (360)379-5047  
City Manager
  David Timmons (360)379-5043
Executive Assistant
  Kelly Graves (360)379-5047

City Attorney
  Steve Gross (360)379-5048
City Prosecutor
  Chris Ashcraft (360)390-4133
Deputy Clerk Legal Assistant
  Amber Long (360)385-5991
Legal Assistant
  Deborah Ritter (360)379-4423

City Clerk     (360)379-5083  
City Clerk
  Joanna Sanders (360)379-5083
Deputy City Clerk
  Josh Stecker (360)344-3048

Development Services     (360)379-5095  
Building Inspector
  Dennis Perkon (360)379-5058
Building Official
  Building Official (360)379-4417
Code Compliance Officer
  Katie Quesada (360)379-5094
Director Development Services
  Lance Bailey (360)390-4048
Land Use Development Specialist
  Suzanne Wassmer (360)385-0644
Permit Tech
  Abby Siefer (360)379-4665
Permit Tech
  Haylie Clement (360)344-3057
Senior Planner
  John McDonagh (360)344-3070
Senior Planner / Planning Manager
  Judy Surber (360)379-5084

Finance     (360)385-2700  
Accounts Payable
  Bobbi Carver (360)385-2700
Customer Services Rep
  Becky Marchand (360)385-2700
Finance & Admin Services Director
  Nora Mitchell (360)385-2700
Finance Manager
  Sheila Danielson (360)379-4406
Finance Specialist
  Antoinette Avery (360)385-2700
Utility Billing Rep
  Naomi Stern (360)385-2700

Human Resources     (360)379-5045  
HR Specialist
  Kelly Wheeler (360)302-2195
Human Resources Manager
  Robin Hake (360)379-5045
  Sheri Price (360)379-4404

Information Technology     (360)390-4082  
IT Tech
  Aaron Fleming (360)390-4082
IT Tech
  Mark Peil (360)390-4082


Parks & Facilities        
Aquatic Program Coordinator
  Lena Curtis (360)385-7665
Facilities Lead Operator
  Brenda Kay Burke
Facilities Maintenance Worker
  Chan Hettle
Lead Pool Operator
  Seth Leighton (360)385-7665
Parks & Facilities Manager
  Alex Wisniewski (360)379-5081
Parks Lead Operator
  Breanne Ganne
Parks Maintenance Worker
  Don Cady
Parks Maintenance Worker
  Justin Brown

Library     (360)385-3181  
Books on Wheels Rep
  Lynn Ring (360)344-3061
Carnegie Technical Services
  Carnegie Technical Services (360)344-3051  
Circulation Desk
  Circulation Desk (360)385-3181  
Learning Center
  Learning Center (360)344-4608  
Librarian/Dept. Manager
  Hilary Verheggen (360)344-3059
Librarian/Dept. Manager
  Keith Darrock (360)390-4061
Library Director
  Melody Eisler (360)344-3054
Youth Services Desk
  Youth Services Desk (360)385-3181  

Police     (360)385-2322  
Chief of Police
  Michael Evans (360)344-4613
  Andrew Radford (360)385-2322
  Ashley Moore (360)385-2322
  Jeremy Vergin (360)385-2322
  Jon Stuart (360)385-2322
  Kelly Perry (360)385-2322
  Kolby Schreier (360)385-2322
  Mark Dumond (360)385-2322
  Nate Holmes (360)385-2322
  Patrick Fudally (360)385-2322
Police - Public Records
  Autumn Fox (360)385-2322
Police Clerk
  April Owen (360)385-2322
  Garin Williams (360)385-5732
  Jason Greenspane (360)385-5732
  Troy Surber (360)385-5732
Volunteer - PIO
  Keppie Keplinger (360)385-2322
Volunteer Coord.
  Jerry Spieckerman (360)531-2963


Public Works     (360)385-7212  
Bio/Comp Treatment Lead Operator
  Bliss Morris (360)385-7908
City Engineer
  Dave Peterson (360)379-5088
City Engineer - Assistant
  Samantha Harper (360)344-4605
Civil Engineer III
  Laura Parsons (360)385-3000
Civil Engineering
  Brandon Maxwell (360)302-2192
Crew Chief - Street/Sewer
  Larry Grewell (360)379-4435
Crew Chief Water Distribution
  Rich Kiesel (360)379-4434
Engineering Assistant II
  Kara Rogers (360)344-3064
Equipment Operator
  Matt Capriotti (360)379-4433  
Fleet Maintenance Lead Operator
  Brian Reid (360)344-3043
Fleet Maintenance Worker
  Trevor Ellis (360)344-3042
GIS Coordinator/Project Manager
  Tyler Johnson (360)390-4062
Maintenance Worker
  Russell Lopeman (360)379-4433
Operations Manager
  David Zellar (360)379-4432
Operations Manager
  John Merchant (360)385-3193
Project Grant Accountant
  Sarah Tiffany (360)390-4115
Project Manager
  Rob Wamstad (360)390-4039
Public Works Director
  Greg Lanning (360)379-5090
Public Works Inspector
  Scott Studeman (360)302-2194
Purchasing Coordinator
  Catherine McNabb (360)379-5089
Treatment Plant Operator
  Bob Mackey (360)385-3193
Treatment Plant Operator
  Dave Rodia (360)385-3193
Treatment Plant Operator
  Mike Bartkus (360)385-3193
Water Quality Manager
  Ian Jablonski (360)379-5001
Water Quality Specialist
  Michael Spears (360)379-5001
Water Resources Maintenance Worker
  Theresa Fitzgerald (360)379-5001

City Council        
Position #1
  Michelle Sandoval
Position #2 - Deputy Mayor
  Catharine Robinson
Position #3 - Mayor
  Deborah Stinson
Position #4
  Robert Gray
Position #5
  Pamela Adams
Position #6
  Amy Howard
Position #7
  David Faber