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The City of Port Townsend Small Works and Professional Services Rosters – The City of Port Townsend participates in the Municipal Research Services Center (MRSC) Shared Rosters. These rosters are shared databases used by various participating local agencies throughout the State of Washington.

The Small Works Roster is an alternative bid process for public works projects up to the amount of $300,000.00.

For projects over $40,000.00 for single trade or $65,000.00 for two or more trades and less than $300,000.00, the City notifies at least 5 contractors in the applicable category of the bid opportunity. None of the contractors may be solicited again until every contractor in the applicable category has had an opportunity to bid.

For projects under $35,000.00 the City may use the Limited Small Works process. This requires that the City notify at least 3 contractors in the applicable category. If the Limited Small Works process is used the City may, at its discretion, waive bonding and retainage requirements.

The City is not required to use the Small Works Roster for any public works projects under $40,000.00 single trade or $65,000.00 for multiple trades but the City endeavors to use only contractors on the Small Works Roster unless it is an emergency, specialized work or other special circumstance.

The Professional Services Roster is used to obtain Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) from Architectural, Engineering and Surveying firms and Landscape Architects which are governed by RCW. 39.80. The Professional Services Roster is also used to solicit SOQs from other firms offering professional and consulting services other than those defined in RCW 39.80.

Both of these rosters are maintained by MRSC. There are over 370 agencies in the State of Washington participating in the shared roster.
You may sign up for either roster or obtain more information about the shared rosters at www.mrscrosters.org.

Vendor's List

The City does not at present maintain a Vendor Roster. This means that any purchase of supplies over $7,500.00 must adhere to a bid process. MRSC will maintain a Vendor Roster beginning in 2015. The City of Port Townsend will also participate in the Vendor Roster. This will allow the City to solicit bids from the list of vendors for supplies up to $15,000.00 without an advertised bid.

If you are a vendor and are interested in being on the Vendor Roster please be on the lookout for information on this website on or about December 2014 or on the MRSC Roster website at www.mrscrosters.org.

Awarded Contracts